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Please complete this short form to begin your application to the Booster Programme.

We will use the information you supply to check that you are eligible for support from a Power to Change funded programme. As part of the application form, you will be asked to arrange an initial phonecall to discuss your application in more detail, prior to moving to the next stage. 

Before beginning this application process please ensure you have read our guidance (https://communitysharesbooster.org.uk/guidance) thoroughly.
Data protection policy *

Any information you enter on this website will not be given to anyone else other than the project partners and our funder Power to Change. Beyond this, we will not share it unless we can't withhold it without breaking the law.

We may use some of the data you give us for research purposes to help inform our research work but only as anonymised statistical information.
Organisation Details

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Community business website

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Is the community business already active? *

i.e. receiving income, incurring expenses
Date when the community business first became active

If the business has been active for two or more years, please upload a copy of its most recent annual accounts and report

We want you to describe how your community business relates to Power to Change’s definition of community business.

Please ensure you have read the relevant section of the guidance before completing this section.
Please briefly describe how the group is locally rooted: *

We only fund businesses that are based in their community.
1. Typically that local area will be smaller in size than a local authority. It will be well defined and may include a number of postcodes or villages.
2. People must self identify with that area.
3. A majority of staff, volunteers and other stakeholders should be drawn from the local community and reflect its diversity.
Please briefly describe how the organisation intends to trade for the benefit of the local community: *

Profits must stay in the area
1. The organisation must have a clear trading model.
2. A majority of its profits should be distributed locally and used to deliver local benefit.
3. The project we are funding must have charitable purpose. Any private benefit must be incidental.
Please briefly describe how the group is accountable to the local community: *

The business must be locally controlled
1. The local community must have a genuine say in how the business is run, eg through regular consultation, membership or ownership.
2. There are formal structures to engage a large number of local people on a frequent and ongoing basis.
3. A large majority of the management and trustees should be drawn from the community.
Please briefly describe how the group will work to benefit the community as a whole: *

You must address challenges in your community
1. A community business should contribute to a broader sense of confidence and pride in a place.
2. It must be able to articulate how it is tackling the specific issues that exist in its community.
3. A community business must be able to show the impact it is making.
Do you serve a charitable purpose?

As a charitable trust, Power to Change can only use its funds to support charitable purposes, which are listed below.  To be eligible for the Booster programme you must identify which of these charitable purposes are addressed by your community business, and what you do of public benefit in each area you identify
Please describe what you do of public benefit to address {{answer_68757832}} *

You can also provide additional commentary of any other charitable purposes your community business seeks to address
Outline information about your potential involvement in the Booster programme

If possible, please provide some indicative information about the support you are looking for and your overall timetable.
Do you have a preferred pathway? *

You can state your preferred pathway, if you have one at this stage. The three available pathways are as follows: 

Pathway 1: Preparing the offer - designed for groups who are on their way to finalising their community share offer but need additional development support to get them to launch. 

Pathway 2: Investment ready - community businesses will be in the final stages of preparing their community share offer, and are ready to apply for equity match of up to £100,000

Pathway 3: Live offers - in exceptional circumstances we will accept applications for equity match of up to £100,000 from community businesses that are about to launch, or have already launched their share offer.

Can you provide a rough estimate of the amount of equity you will be requesting?

This can be up to a maximum of £100,000 or 50% of the maximum community share capital you hope to raise, whichever is the lesser.

You will be able to request a different amount should you be invited to full application - this is just to give us a rough sense of your funding requirements.
Does your share offer timetable mean that you need an accelerated decision on your application? *

We will provide grant and investment decisions within eight weeks of receiving this application (provided you submit your full application within a week of being successful at this EOI stage). We will try our best to turn around decisions quicker should your timetable require it, although we cannot make any guarantees.
Can you tell us why you need an accelerated decision *

We would anticipate a request for a quicker decision would be due to external variables such as a moratorium period on a community right to bid expiring
Final Checklist

Here is a summary of the required actions before submitting your Expression of Interest Form
Have you read the guidance thoroughly and understand the Power to Change eligibility criteria for funding? *

Have you started to complete the relevant sections of the Step-by-Step tool? *

It is not mandatory to start the Step-by-Step before submitting the Expression of Interest, but we may subsequently request you to complete particular sections to help determine which Pathway you should apply for.

You can access the tool here: http://communityshares.org.uk/how-does-it-work
We would like to arrange a short 15-30 min phonecall with you to discuss your Expression of Interest and review your Step-by-Step report, if you have started to complete it. Please arrange a time via this link: https://meetingbird.com/l/booster/EOI

Have you been able to schedule a phonecall via the online meeting scheduler? *

Thank you for submitting your Expression of Interest Application.

Once we have had an initial phonecall, we will aim to determine your eligibility for the programme and your likely pathway within one week. 

Should you be successful at this stage, you will be invited to complete a full application.

If you have any further questions please contact communityshares@uk.coop
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